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Thomas E Coghill Jr, the Ultimate Inventor Guide Invention ExpertThomas E. Coghill Jr., Member of The Invention Experts

Thomas E. Coghill, Jr., graduated from Old Dominion University, located in Norfolk, Virginia with a Bachelor of Science in physics. After college, he followed his father's footsteps Mr. Thomas E. Coghill, Senior and pursued a career in real estate and development. He built approximately 1,000 homes, condominiums and apartments during the 20 years spent in the real estate industry.

However, after a series of financial mishaps and struggling with alcoholism, like many with an addiction, Thomas began to make questionable decisions, which ultimately led to federal charges for wire and bank fraud and prison time.

While awaiting trial, he obtained treatment for his dependency and vowed to make a change for the better and use his creative talents, skills and education in a positive manner. Subsequently Thomas Coghill has design and develop at least seven patented inventions, three of which are currently being successfully manufactured and marketed. Coghill's other inventions are in the patent pending process and are being manufactured and marketed.

Having served his prison sentence, Thomas Coghill, Jr. truly regrets the mistakes he has made in the past. However, realizing you can't change the past and only improve the future, he is encouraged and looks forward to continuing to help the community of inventors overcome any obstacles that may stand in their way from turning their ideas into reality.