The Ultimate Inventors Guide Take Your Idea To Market

 The Ultimate
Inventors Guide
Everything inventors need to know to take an idea from concept to market

Thomas E Coghill Jr, the Ultimate Inventor Guide Invention ExpertThomas E. Coghill Jr., Member of The Invention Experts

Thomas E. Coghill, Jr., graduated from Old Dominion University, located in Norfolk, Virginia with a Bachelor of Science in physics. After college, he followed his father's footsteps Mr. Thomas E. Coghill, Senior and pursued a career in real estate and development. He built approximately 1,000 homes, condominiums and apartments during the 20 years spent in the real estate industry.

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Janet Bronte the Ultimate Inventor Guide Invention ExpertJanet Bronte, Member of The Invention Experts

Janet Bronte has over 25 years in Sales Promotion and Marketing for various businesses from start-up, retail, restaurant, hospitality, and business to business.

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit herself, Janet specializes in start-up and jump-start strategies for both new and existing businesses, focusing on image development and co-promotional marketing.

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Ronald E Ritter The Ultimate Inventor Guide Invention ExpertRonald E. Ritter, Member of The Invention Experts

Ronald E. Ritter, has been manufacturing and marketing Fat Tire Beach Carts and accessories for the last two years. His experience in Senior Level Management spans over 35 years. His management skills also cover a variety of industries in existing businesses and start-up projects. Having been CEO of several start-up companies and organizations with annual sales volume exceeding 200 Million dollars, Mr. Ritter’s business acumen, ideas, and people skills that he brings to the Ultimate Inventor Guide.

His successful implementation of Marketing Programs, Customer Service, and Asset Management makes him uniquely qualified for bringing The Ultimate Inventor Guide to the market. Mr. Ritter recognizes profitability potential an Inventors Community along with its unique market niche to create a win-win situation for investors, employees, and the companies’ customers. We are extremely proud to have Mr. Ritter share his expertise with us.